Лаптопи, компютри и монитори втора употреба

EIZO FlexScan S1921, EMF Ultra Free, 19-inch, 24-bit, PVA, Fluorescent Lamp

Наличен, доставка + 10 лева

Големина на дисплея:   19" (4:3)

Тип на дисплея:   PVA

Резолюция:   1280 x 1024

Контраст:   1000:1

Време за реакция:   20ms (r+f)

Ъгъл на виждане:   178/178

Други екстри:   DVI, VGA, Stereo Sound, Audio out, Light Sensor

Клас:   Професионална техника

Статус:   След корпоративна употреба, статус A-

Гаранция:   12 месеца, доживотна консултация

Цена: 139.99 лв. (EUR)


Допълнителна информация:

Made in Japan! Отличен професионален модел от лидера в производството на LCD монитори. Отлична картина с невероятен контраст и правилно цветопредаване.


19" LCD монитор втора употреба EIZO S1921 с матрица PVA.


Paper Mode That Simulates Printed Paper

With corporate and home users spending more time viewing documents and ebooks on their monitors rather than in printed form, EIZO is introducing a “Paper” mode to help reduce eyestrain. Paper mode simulates the look of printed paper by raising the black level and lowering the contrast ratio. Paper mode also maintains a gamma level of 2.2 so there is no degradation of grayscale tones.

Paper Mode

Preset Modes for Optimum Viewing

In addition to Paper mode, several other preset modes are also available: Text, EyeCare, , and Custom (user-determined settings). Toggling between modes is done manually in the OSD menu or automatically by assigning a mode to a particular application with the bundled ScreenManager Pro for LCD software (Windows 7 and Vista compatible).

Optimized Brightness
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Two functions ensures stable brightness which is necessary for the proper display of color. The first is drift correction circuit that quickly stabilizes the brightness level after startup or coming out of power saving mode. The second is an ambient brightness sensor called "BrightRegulator" that detects changes in the ambient brightness and signals the backlight to adjust the screen brightness accordingly so it is never too dark or too bright.

Energy and Environmental Efficiency Index
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A user-activated EcoView Index displays the level of power savings and equivalent amount of CO2 reduction compared to using the monitor without Auto EcoView activated and with the screen set at a brightness of 100%.

EcoView NET Compatibility

This monitor is compatible with EIZO's EcoView NET power management software. EcoView NET provides centralized control over the power settings of monitors on a network. With this software, a systems administrator can confirm the settings for each monitor on the network and if necessary, turn monitors on/off, turn the Auto EcoView function on/off, and adjust the brightness.

Slim and Convenient

The bezels are a mere 15 mm top and bottom and 13 mm on the sides. This not only saves space on crowded desktops, it provides a near-seamless view in multi-panel configurations.

Viewing Comfort with Ergonomic Stand

Adjust the screen to the most comfortable position with 100 mm height adjustment, 30° tilt, 70° swivel, and 90° rotation for portrait mode.

Built-In Speakers and Headphone Jack

Unobtrusive Speakers0.5-watt speakers are tucked away at the back of the monitor and out of view so you can enjoy sound while bezel size is kept to a minimum. A headphone jack is also built into the monitor.

Digital and Analog Inputs

With both DVI-D and D-Sub mini 15-pin inputs, you can use a computer that has either a digital or an analog graphics board (or both if connected to two computers), and quickly switch between the inputs via a front panel button.

10-Bit Gamma Correction

This technology ensures smooth, accurate color tones by converting the 8-bit PC data to 10-bit, assigning the ideal gamma values, then returning the data to 8- bit format for display.

Support for Sync-on-Green

This monitor can be used with legacy graphics boards that output a sync-on-green signal.

Commitment to Quality

While outsourcing production is now common practice in the monitor industry, EIZO continues to manufacture its products the same way it has throughout its 40 year history — with its own staff at its own factories. This allows EIZO to keep close control over production quality and offer the industry’s only 5-year manufacturer’s limited warranty.

Customer Assurance

This monitor is backed by an industry-leading five-year manufacturer’s warranty. In addition, it meets the requirements of the world’s leading ergonomic and environmental standards including TCO 5.1, EPEAT Gold, and Energy Star 5.0.

5 Year WarrantyTUV/ErgonomicsTCO 5.0EPEAT GOLDEnergy Star
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