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Dual Port 4-Gbps Fibre Channel to PCI-X 2.0 266-MHz Controller

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Гаранция:   3 месеца

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4-Gbps FC increases aggregate throughput
rates to 1.6 GBps in full-duplex mode.
64-bit, PCI-X 2.0 266-MHz dual data rate
(DDR) bus for high throughput applications.
300,000 IOPS delivers high I/O transfer
rates for storage applications.
Intelligent interleaved DMA (iIDMA) ensure
s maximum utilization
of all data links.
Hardware assisted firmware tr
acing (HAFT) for real-time
firmware debug capabilities.
Out-of-order frame reassembly (O
oOFR) reduces c
ongestion and I/O
Supports diagnostic monitoring interface (DMI
) for detailed transceiver information.
Management data input output
(MDIO) interface to acce
ss and modify registers.
T10 cyclic redundancy check (C
RC) ensures end-to-end data
integrity across SANs.
Overlapping protection domains
for continuous protection
on internal data paths.
Cisco VSAN frame tagging allows physical
ports to be part of
multiple logical
Optional error correcting code (ECC)
protection for control structures.
Multi-ID and N_Port virtualization allows a
single port to acquire
multiple N_Port IDs.
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